Sunday, June 1, 2014

The cupboard is finally bare

Recently two events happened that were barely taken up by the media in American and in Western Europe (Americanosphere), however these two events are of great historical value and will be noted by historians in the future.

1.) The first one is the dismissive tone of the Russian premier Vladimir Putin while talking about Obama. He brushed aside Obama's remarks in a tone that reminds one of the ancient Gothic princes  dismissing the imperial decree coming from Rome during its last days.

It would have been unthinkable at the dawn of this century that an American President could be brushed aside so casually and indifferently by anyone, however the unthinkable has now become inevitable.
We live in a time where the Congress is less popular than Paris Hilton and the only danger to a government building blowing up is due to potential overload to the computer due to the government spying and archiving too much information.

After 50 years of being the self-proclaimed "city on the hill", America has finally lost the authority to tell other countries what to do, what to think and which moral sandbox to play in. In short it will now have only its own hapless citizens to dictate and by God will it unleash on its citizen with all the fury that has been rendered impotent overseas.

2.) The second is the decision by Chinese government to not use Microsoft windows 8 in computers used by the state-owned companies and various government departments and not to seek services of American Consultancy firms, Not too long ago such overt acts of financial disciplining were an exclusive American monopoly.  This news was barely covered by any Western news agency and was brushed under the carpet, like an old woman that tries to hide signs of ageing , the only resort America seems to have nowadays is hiding the problem.

The story of ancient Rome, Mongol empire and British empire has now repeated with the American empire, the provinces are no longer taking orders from the capital and are getting more and more belligerent. Like young Lions that can sense the weakness of the old King, these local warlords have now sensed the weakness of the Crown.

No matter how much the technology might have advanced, basic human nature will forever remain the same and the instinct that told the early caveman that the time was ripe to kill the old tribal leader is at play here again. It can be said that all the technology and "advancements" are nothing but lipstick on a pig.

After 50 years of pissing the greatest concentration of economic resources in the history of mankind against the wall in meaningless wars, buying of votes, charity with other people's money and all around general incompetence and lunacy the cupboard is finally bare.

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